Benefits of a Plant Based Diet

Garden BoxBenefits of a Plant-Based Diet

If you read my bio page, you will already have some idea of why I advocate a raw plant based diet.  There are so many health benefits to eating a plant-based diet that I could go on for pages, however, to get to the point, I want to highlight some of the main reasons I eat raw in this article. Firstly, there is nothing more satisfying than going out into my garden every morning, sun shining (or not), and picking my very own home-grown kale, chard, lettuce or pac choi and returning to my kitchen to juice them up or make a delicious  salad – you can’t get much fresher than that! (One of my veggie boxes pictured above). Growing your own vegetables is so much fun,  you are ensuring that it’s 100% organic and it puts you in full control of what you are eating.  Here are my top 5 reasons for eating a plant-based diet…..

1.  Plant-Based Foods Provide Oodles of Energy!

As well as providing all the necessary nutrition to nourish your cells, raw plants contain enzymes which aid in the digestion process.  Every time we digest anything, enzymes are required by the body to process foods into building blocks which the body needs.

A healthy person can create these enzymes even when cooked foods, but it costs the body energy and a nominal amount of stress each time. As we age, our enzyme production naturally slows down.  Enzyme production also gets exhausted if we eat high amounts of foods that are processed, cooked or nutritionally depleted.  Each time our own body is called upon to use up its own sources of enzymes, instead of them already being present in the food we are eating, our body’s stores begin to decrease.  Therefore, more enzymes equals more energy!

2. Plant-Based Foods Helps You Sleep

The high quality nutrition in raw plant-based foods will also heal and repair cells in the brain, and go towards manufacturing healthy amino acids and neurotransmitters which aid in the sleep process.

In addition nutrient dense, whole foods reduce stress and cortisol levels in the body, leading to better sleep.  People who sleep better do not crave sugary, processed and starchy foods, as their body is not craving the ‘energy high’, and therefore they find it easier to maintain a healthy diet.

3. Plant-Based Foods Will Help Prevent Bad Food Cravings

Most processed, sugary and starchy foods are just ’empty calories’ and very little nutrition!  Many times, when your body is craving sugary, processed foods, it is a message that it is really looking for high quality nutrition!  So often we make the mistake of reading hunger messages and reach for foods that are high in processed carbohydrates and starch.  But once your body gets what it really needs to build and heal the cells, it no longer continues to send the signals that it’s hungry for processed foods all the time.

4. Plant-Based Foods Will Boost the Immune System

Say goodbye to colds, flu and coughs this year!  Plant-based foods, with their high content of antioxidants and other nutrient dense powers, build and strengthen the immune system.  A fully functioning, strong immune system does not allow viruses and bacteria to take hold.

In addition to the immune building benefits, are the alkalinizing properties.  Eating raw changes the pH in the body to a more alkaline state, in which no pathogens can thrive.  Viruses and bacteria love an acidic environment, so keep it alkaline!

5. Plant-Based Foods for Weight Loss & Detox

Many plant-based foods are naturally healing, cooling, cleansing and blood purifying.  After many years of eating the Standard American Diet (SAD), as well as my abuse to my body through alcohol and prescription drugs, my liver was congested and in a bad state and thus, I could not loose any weight! When the liver becomes stagnant or inefficient, it’s very difficult to loose any weight.  Therefore, you will find that once on a raw, plant-based, cleansing diet, your cells will begin to detoxify and you will begin to shed pounds of toxins from your system.  You liver will begin healing and you will shed those pounds naturally!

So, if you had any doubt, you can rest assured that only good things come to those who eat raw, plant-based food!……Until next time……be healthy, be happy, be well!

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