What is a Holistic Nutritional Consultation? 

At ExtRAWdinary Health & Wellness, the services I provide are holistically applied to each individual. 

Unlike conventional or traditional treatments, which focuses on alleviating a specific symptom or addressing one system of the body, holistic healing focuses on the whole being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Defined as more of an approach rather than a treatment; the emphasis is on making changes in lifestyle that promote health, empowering you through education and by encouraging you to assume responsibility for your own health.  It targets the very core of the problem that needs to be addressed and identifies the imbalances which may be causing some of the negative impact on the clients health. 

In consultations or healings, the client and practitioner will work together as a team to create the most effective treatment plan.  This partnership between client and practitioner is the cornerstone of holistic treatments.

Since holistic modalities are designed to address the unique emotional, biochemical and spiritual needs of each individual client, not everyone with the same illness or condition will follow the same protocol.  It will vary from person to person depending on many varying factors.  Not everyone responds to the same treatment in the same manner.  What is successful or beneficial for one may not hold true for another.  We are all different with unique genetic blueprints.

By choosing to work with me, you will be encouraged to take an active role in your protocol  and we will work together to make informed decisions about managing your condition or just improve a specific area of your life.  Even if you do not currently suffer from a specific medical complaint, the holistic services I provide offer you the opportunity to take control of your own health journey.

Whether you feel you could benefit from spiritual healing, a nutritional or herbal consultation or a bit of both, the end goal is to return balance and harmony to the body, mind and spirit.



Stages of a Holistic Nutritional Consultation.

Stage I – Forms Firstly, a compete medical history is collected, together with the client having to complete a couple of detailed forms which will cover every system of the body including endocrine, nervous, muscular, circulatory, immune, respiratory, reproductive and emotional, energy and spiritual aspects.  This will highlight which areas need assistance so we can begin work!  There will usually be a 1 week to 10 day waiting period after the forms are completed for the analysis of the forms to take place and then it’s onto Stage II……

Stage II – Initial Consultation (online, Skype, telephone or in person) The initial consultation takes a little longer than follow-ups – average time 90 mins.  I deliver my conclusions from the findings on the forms and we discuss an easy-to-follow plan.  I want to emphasise that I make gradual changes, we do not make fast or many changes initially, as a radical change to one’s lifestyle can be overwhelming enough without making too many adjustments too quickly.  This can be one of the prime reasons clients fall by the wayside or relapse back into old habits.

Stage III – Follow ups On average, most clients choose once every two to three weeks for follow up appointments to continue their plan and execute new changes into their diet and lifestyle. These appointments typically take 40 minutes.  Any time a client is facing challenges, has questions or is having a hard time, support will be given throughout the week as well as the consultations.  The Follow-up appointments continue as long as the client feels they need the help.

Stage IV – Going it Alone & Continued Support Once a client feels they have reached their goal and are confident enough to go it alone, regular follow up appointments are no longer necessary, however, at any time support remains.  You can also join my Facebook page and join a growing community where clients form a support group of their own.

Whole foods are powerful, and in my opinion have the ability to heal the body from ailments that, for years, can prove stubborn using other methods – I know, because I can personally testify that after years of suffering addiction, adrenal exhaustion, insomnia, depression and pain, I found relief.   Plant based foods are potent, filled with life-force energy and once consumed will feed every cell in your body with the nutrition it needs for vitality, increased energy and health.  Read the messages your body is sending you….What does it say?  Remember, pain and discomfort can be a gift….without it we rarely have reason to change and evolve…….

Take care of your body – it is our home while we are on this journey……Be Healthy, Be Well, Be Happy……

If you have any further questions contact me at mfirrisi@gmail.com

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She now lives in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Michelle also holds an Honours Degree in Bachelor of Science Podiatric Medicine and practices Reiki, Massage and Shamanism. Her main speciality is in the areas of Addiction, Anxiety, Depression and reversing Mood Disorders with targeted Amino Acid Therapy & Nutrition.

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