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Health Benefits of Vitamin B1

  Health Benefits of Vitamin B1 Welcome to the second information session on the Health Benefits of Vitamins & Minerals.  Today we are moving onto Vitamin B1, also known as Thiamine.  This was the first of the B family to be chemically identified and recognized for its unique metabolic functions. As opposed to Vitamin A, which we looked at last week, this Vitamin is water soluble.  This means that it dissolves very rapidly in water.  Once absorbed through the upper and lower intestine, very small amounts can be stored in the liver, heart and kidneys. However, your body metabolizes what it can and flushes out most of the excess through the urine. You do not store water soluble vitamins like you do fat soluble ones, so it is important to get them daily through diet or a supplement. All the Vitamin B’s are required heavily for various metabolic processes throughout the body, so these are important […]

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Health Benefits of Vitamin A

  VITAMIN  A itamin A, also known as Retinol, has the unique distinction of being the first official Vitamin named after it’s discovery in 19131 – hence the name Vitamin A. Scientists later went on to find a provitamin A which are all members of the carotenoid family.  Now we generally refer to Vitamin A in two forms.  1) Retinol – found in animal sources and 2) Beta-carotene, found in a wide variety of yellow and orange coloured fruits and vegetables.  Note that animal sources of Vitamin A are six times stronger than plant sources, so be careful if eating too much organ meat. Vitamin A is primarily absorbed in the small intestine and is a fat soluble vitamin.  This means that they dissolve in fat and are stored in fat throughout the body. It is difficult for your body to excrete excess fat-soluble vitamins, so toxic levels can accumulate if you consume […]

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Michelle Firrisi is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Clinical Herbalist. She lived most of her life in the Island of Guernsey, in the Channel Islands, UK.

She now lives in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Michelle also holds an Honours Degree in Bachelor of Science Podiatric Medicine and practices Reiki, Massage and Shamanism. Her main speciality is in the areas of Addiction, Anxiety, Depression and reversing Mood Disorders with targeted Amino Acid Therapy & Nutrition.

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