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So, maybe you’re contemplating whether or not to take the next step!  By making a choice to work with me, you will be embarking on a  brand new journey.  You will be fully responsible and empowered to choose the direction you want your health and wellness program to go.  My job is to educate and advise you on possible areas of your life that need addressing so that you can make the ultimate changes neccessary.

Once you choose one of the payment options below, you will be sent an electronic package that includes a series of forms and  a blank one week Eating Diary that will  need to be completed and returned to me.  During the 1 week – 10 day waiting period, you may be sent a further set of instructions or forms depending on my findings.  This will enable me to accurately pinpoint related systems or health issues which may need addressing in more detail.

An e-mail will also be sent to arrange a time and date for your initial consultation.  Please allow up to 90 minutes for your initial appointment.  All follow-up appointments take approximately 40 minutes to 1 hour.  You can also decide which method you wish to conduct your consultation – i) Telephone ii) Skype or Google Hangouts – video or  iii) in person.

Here is a taster of what is included in your initial consultation package.

Form  ‘Nutri-Body & Lifestyle Assessments (3 separate forms)

You will be receiving 3 separate forms.  One will be a body system analysis,  a personal lifestyle questionnaire and a blank weekly food diary  These are quite in-depth forms to complete and you will find some repetition in some of the questions, however, this is required as different systems of the body can produce the same symptoms.  Once these have been completed, please allow 1 week for results before a consultation is scheduled.

Report Your Personalised Nutritional Report

When you attend your consultation, you will be given your Personalized Nutrition Report generated from the results of your completed questionnaires.  We will be going through this in detail so we can begin to work on what is needed.



Meal Plan Individualized Plan

At the time of your initial consultation and thereinafter at each appointment, you will receive an Individualized Plan.  This will be tailored specifically to your individual needs and will be changing as we go forward.


Educational Material Educational Materials &  Exercises for Mind/Body/Spirit Re-Balancing

You will also be receiving educational materials from me along the way.  However, if there is anything specific you would like information on, you can request this at anytime during your consultations.


Please Note:  For a detailed description of all my services please go to Services page.  Thank you.


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She now lives in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Michelle also holds an Honours Degree in Bachelor of Science Podiatric Medicine and practices Reiki, Massage and Shamanism. Her main speciality is in the areas of Addiction, Anxiety, Depression and reversing Mood Disorders with targeted Amino Acid Therapy & Nutrition.

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